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I have been a dog portrait artist since 1980, specializing in custom dog portraits and sporting dog art for individuals, corporations and dog organizations. The dog portraits that I create are done in oil paint and come custom framed and ready to hang in your home or office. My art training includes a Bachelor of Fine Art ('78) and Master of Art ('80) degrees in painting from the University of Tulsa and since receiving my Masters degree my sole occupation has been that of an artist. Each year I have the honor of painting some of the most distinguished sporting dogs in the world. I am proud to be the official artist for the following championships and award programs:

Commissioned dog portraits are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Due to time limitations a waiting period should be expected. Custom dog portraits start at $1,500. For more information concerning sizes, prices and the procedure for commissioning a portrait, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss your individual needs. Each painting is unique to the individual client, subject and background.

As a dog owner myself, I understand the bond between you and your favorite canine hunting partner. I was raised training, hunting and field trialing sporting dogs. This, coupled with my background in the fine arts, gives me the ability to paint your dog accurately and to place him in a hunting situation that is real. Your painting will honor your special partner in a work of quality fine art. An original oil painting is the ultimate way to pay tribute to your dog(s) and your memories of wonderful days spent afield.

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Dogs & Hunting Paintings
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Double Down
Worth The Climb
Vigilant (Sold)
Praire Light (Sold)
The Professional
An Open Shot (Sold)
Evening Huns
The Apprentice
Class Act (Sold)
The Jump Shooter
Woodlot Covey Rise (Sold)
The Texas Two Step (Sold)
Intense (Sold)
The Good Old Days (Sold)
The Loner
True Companion
When Bells Fall Silent (Sold)
Sharp Shooters
Into the Great Beyond (Sold)
Quitin' Time
Times Like These (Sold)
Backdoor Escape
Teamwork (Sold)
That, My Boy, is a Duck (Sold)
Versatile Brittany (Sold)
Hedgerow Point (Sold)
One on One (Sold)
Sport Does It Again (Sold)
Icy Morning
Pure Class
Against the Wind (Sold)
Wired For Pheasant
Blow Down Grouse (Sold)
Chukar Canyon (Sold)
Now's The Time (Sold)
After the Limit (Sold)
Back Door Blues (Sold)
Bank Withdrawal (Sold)
Evening Light (Sold)
Woodland Royalty (Sold)
Fly Fishing Paintings
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Breaking The Silence - Study (Sold)
Soaking It In
Hey, Watch Your Backcast
Third Channel Evening (Sold)
Broken Silence
Palming The Reel
Fishing at the Lodge
Evening Hatch
In the Shawdow of the Box
Smoke On The Water
Below Surprise Falls
Doubled Up
A Golden Moment
Holding On (Sold)
Remnants and Rainbows
Gray Day at the Coffee Pot (Sold)
Simple Pleasures
Down Stream Run (Sold)
Cutthroat Canyon (Sold)
Fall on the North Platte
Crystal Prince
Below the Dark Water
Deep Runs the River
Breaking the Silence (Sold)
Walking the Box (Sold)
Where Trout are King (Sold)
Landscape Paintings
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Rocky Mountain Sunset
Prairie Moon Rising
Between Storms
Fog Over Cook Inlet
Foggy Beach
Glacial Blue
Approaching Storm
Lodgepole Pine
Spring Rains
Spring Stream
Taos Morning (Sold)
The Crossing
What's Next?
Box Canyon (Sold)
New Snow
Holding Up The Sky
Spring in the San Juans
The Road Home
Prairie Autumn
In the Aspen Grove
Lone Lodgepole (Sold)
The Trailhead
September Brook (Sold)
Evenings Song (Sold)
Cool Water
Looking Out from Within
October Light
Open Range (Sold)
September Colors
Colors of Summer
Torrent of Spring
Glorious (Sold)
Among Giants
Dawn On The Palisades
Layers of Time (Sold)
Prairie Tracks (Sold)
Canyon Showers
Sun Glow
High Plains Drifter (Sold)
The Field Beyond (Sold)
Timeless Beauty (Sold)
The Rush of Water (Sold)
Sycamore at Dawn (Sold)
Wildlife Paintings
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Blueberry Season (Sold)
The Relic
Billy's World
Master of His Domain (Sold)
Sounding Off
Checking Back
Detour Ahead
Shadow and Light
At Rest
Teasel and Gold (Sold)
The Sun Worshipper
Prints Editions: Dogs & Hunting
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Double Down
Worth The Climb
Mearns County
2x Nat. Ch. Shadow Oak Bo
The Apprentice
Class Act
Woodlot Covey Rise
The Texas Two Step
Timberdoodles Southern Style
Sharp Shooters
The Single
One on One
Double Trouble
Field of Dreams
Glory Days
Against the Wind
Shared Covey
Wired For Pheasant
Standing Tall
Brittany and Woodcock
Old Gates Ruffs
Pure Class
The Bounty Hunters
Blown Down Grouse
Chukar Canyon
The Woodcock Hunters
A Southern Gentleman
The Scotsman
Early Limit
The Way It Should Be
Now's The Time
That, My Boy, is a Duck
Versatile Brittany
Sport Does It Again
Prints Editions: Fly Fishing
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Fishing at the Lodge
In the Shawdow of the Box
Smoke On The Water
Below Surprise Falls
Doubled Up
Simple Pleasures
Down Stream Run
Cutthroat Canyon
Fall on the North Platte
Crystal Prince
Breaking the Silence
Walking the Box
Prints Editions: Landscapes
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Canyon Showers
Sun Glow
Among Giants
Prints Editions: Wildlife
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Checking Back
At Rest
The Sun Worshipper
Spring Brides
Blue on Blue
Fishing the Dawn
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